One bag is never enough. But this one is.

Posted on August 4, 2011


On a second thought, Hardgraft’s bags are still not enough.

Because they keep coming up with multipurpose bags!

Few months ago, I stumbled upon Hardgraft’s website and I fell in love immediately with their 2UNFOLD laptop bag. I had to order it online because I love the idea of ‘transformation’ with this bag. You can ‘wear’ it 3 ways depending on what you are carrying. The idea itself is magnificent.


And their service was great. When my bag arrived, I have noticed that they forgot to include the leather strap. It came the next day after I have informed them by email. Other than their products, their service impressed me too. The only downfall I had (which has nothing to do with Hardgraft) was the amount of tax I had to pay to the customs in Thailand. The tax cost me half the price of this awesome bag. But really, the bag pays it off.

Oh darn! Here comes 3FOLD multi-use bag! With its name, you should expect more than just my 2UNFOLD bag.

I would love to own this as well, but I am thinking on how I should avoid the tax. 😉