FIND apparel: Conceptualized and Made in Taiwan

Posted on August 26, 2011


 Thailand has OTOP campaign: One Tambon ( meaning province) One Product, as to promote local products made in different tambon in Thailand. Taiwan has their own campaign as well, known as M.I.T. or Made in Taiwan.

FIND was established in 1995 as a distributer of overseas brand. The name, “FIND” was inspired by their first hard-to-find showroom in Hsing-Tzu, Taiwan. Their aim was to bring in great craftmanship products from all over the world to the Taiwanese. Since then, they have started their own apparel brand, design and all handmade in Taiwan.

I could not remember how I came across their brand. However, I fell in love straight away when I saw their blazers. While having a chance to be in Taiwan, I had in mind which blazer I was going to get. When I was done shopping, I got two blazers instead. They were irresistible.

First of all, it was the designs that had me. I am a leather person and they have incorporate the material onto their blazer. Secondly, it was the service. The salesperson did a really good job at  explaining each material that they have chosen and why they have chosen the particular material. Explaining from the type of fabrics, type of leather and even the material of the buttons. The friendly attitude wasn’t from just that particular salesperson. The positive attitude is there at every retail shop of different cities in Taiwan. I visited two shop, one in Taipei and the other one in Taichung. Great service, no pressure from them at all. Lastly, it is their craftmanship. You can only know it when you feel it. The moment I felt the material, I know it is going to be worth it.

First one that I bought:

Second one that I bought:

Besides their own line, they are distributors (in Taiwan) of Loake Shoemakers, Faven (local brand in Taiwan), KC,s Leather and many more.

FIND stresses only one thing, craftmanship. It does not matter in their own line or what they bring in to the locals in Taiwan, but passion and craftmanship is what they are and still will be.

Oh and one last thing, they are always giving out freebies for a minimum purchase. 🙂