Oh wait! Don’t throw the wrapper just yet…

Posted on September 1, 2011


My friend recently got me the Moleskine roll pen from Singapore. I was excited to get one because I have this habit of brand loyalty.

First thing I checked was the price, because I know Moleskine’s products do not come cheap. SGD$28.89 is the price if you get in Singapore’s one of the bookshops, which was way over my expectation for a pen. As I investigate through the shopping bag, I see this ink refill.


Now I see why the SGD$28.89, because the pen is refillable and the inks cost at SGD$8. Two more concerns as I explore the pen. One is how well does the clip works and where the hell are the small stickers that was stated that come with the pen. When I unpacked this treasure, I tested the clip. Like Moleskine said, the pen perfectly clips on the Moleskine cover. The reason why is because the clip is made of different material and that is rubber. I used to make my own pen holders onto my Moleskine, but now there’s no need of that.

And as to my curiosity of the small stickers, I continue to dig for. Luckily for me, as a junk collector, sometimes I keep anything that’s appealing to me even wrappers. Therefore, the small stickers were in between the cardboard packaging. Dissect it to find out.

So next time you buy this pen, don’t throw the packaging just yet, because you might miss out the small details Moleskine has put effort in.

Happy writing!

(by the way, they have more varieties of pens, pen holders and even a rectangular pencil that comes with a sharpner available)

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