Starbucks as a brand.

Posted on September 30, 2011


In Thailand, you can easily buy a cup of coffee by the street for less than a dollar. Without thinking too much on the quality of the coffee, one dollar or maybe a few more is actually good enough to keep you going for the rest of your day. However, that’s not the case for Starbucks.

One day, I got this Starbucks tumbler from a friend as a Christmas gift. While my other colleagues looked at me with jealousy, I wondered how one tumbler caused this jealousy. One day I made myself a Thai local coffee with that Starbucks tumbler. My colleagues were all attracted to the smell of the coffee I just made. I distributed the Thai local coffee to each one of them and let them try it.

What surprised me was that they said it smelled different from what I just had.

And strangely, they argued it must be that Starbucks tumbler that enhanced the aroma of the coffee.

Whatever it is that they pointed, which could be the shape of the tumbler, the material of the tumbler or their brain is playing tricks on them because of that jealousy, have helped aid the coffee that’s being brewed.

Now that explains how one dollar coffee differentiates from Starbucks’ quality.

On my recent business trip to Hong Kong, Starbucks were giving out free drinks if you buy a tumbler or a cup from them. It was great because I didn’t have to pay for the pricy coffee and at the same time, I get to own a few more tumblers. I got the VIA ceramic tumbler because of its functionality.

What’s great about this tumbler was, the stainless steel space out the heat that generates from the ceramic tumbler. Some had argued that coffee tastes better in ceramic cups. So maybe that’s why ceramic tumbler. What’s more is you can carry 4 coffee packets inside the stainless steel compartment. However, the slots only allow Starbucks VIA Ready Brew instant coffee. Therefore, you can carry two items at once. Your tumbler and the coffee. The downside is that it only fits that particular size coffee packet. Other than that, Starbucks has done a great job making you spend more on them.

The other item I got was the environmental friendly glass water bottle. So no more plastic bottles go to waste!




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