Homage to our kingdom, Animalia Kingdom.

Posted on October 13, 2011


Maximo Riera, a Spanish artist, is paying homage to these animals that inhabits together with us on this planet.

We, Homo sapiens, should really look into what we have done to destroy the nature due to our selfishness. The pollutions, the declining population of certain species of animals, loss of animal habitats and many more are cause mainly by us.

This work by the artist has remind me of how we are sharing this planet together with other organisms rather than being dominating them. This piece of furniture speaks for itself that it is meant to be used (sit on) by us. The act of combining the furniture with an animal’s body structure reminds us the coexistence of each other while we are sitting on. Similar to when we take an action, we should be aware of the cause and effect that is going to pass onto.

Here are the other works that are part of this collection. Rhino, Walrus and Lion, Beetle, Whale are coming soon.

It will be perfect if they are mass-produced! Although it’s highly unlikely.