make yourself at home, for your pets atleast!

Posted on November 1, 2011


“After one especially grueling trip to do laundry, I realized that I wanted a cover for the dogs’ beds, like the one I have for my own bed. something durable, stylish, and easy to wash. The molly mutt dog duvet was born!”

Molly Mutt

Now those who have more than one medium size or larger dogs know that keeping their beds in one piece might be a pain in the butt. At least that’s what I am facing. My two shar-peis like to chew their bed and eventually swallow those cottons up.

As to many people’s surprise, dogs prefer pillows too. I have come across Molly Mutt and found the perfect solution to those who have trouble with their pets’ beds.

Why Molly Mutt? Here’s why.

The convenient part of their beds is that their beds work like ours. Instead of washing the whole bed (what I used to do), Molly Mutt has make things easier much for us by designing their beds with bed sheets. Now you can wash just their bed sheets without worrying that the washing machine would deformed the bed.

Totally love them! I should get these as Christmas presents for my boys!

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