All Vestal Watches 30% Off – For a limited time

Posted on November 4, 2011


If you like to collect watches like me, then you shall like this! All Vestal Watches 30% Off – For a limited time at Watchismo!

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Destroyers, Restrictors, Crusaders, Surveyors, Observers and Gearheads aren’t the job positions available at mercenary companies. They’re some of the cool Vestal Watches on sale at Watchismo. And, for a limited time, the entire collection is 30% off. Just use the code VESTAL30 at checkout.*

The Vestal Collection offers both a vintage vibe and a futuristic feel with music being the inspiration for the overall aesthetic look.  It’s the energy created by music that influences nearly every facet of style and fashion today and drives the Vestal brand.

These are more than just timepieces–they are accessories that fine-tune style and expression. They are products of a lifestyle–accessories that compliment the well-being and personal sensibilities of the music-inspired individual. We are committed to building a brand we can relate to and to designing watches with style, flavor, design, comfort and function.

Vestal’s progressive philosophy in accessory design eliminates the conceptual lines separating music, fashion and culture, opening the door for previously unexplored creative cross-pollination amongst multiple genres. Vestal is fortunate to have the support of some of the most talented bands and athletes in the world. This has given the brand credibility and provided Vestal a rock-solid foundation to stand upon.
True Vestal aficionados have passionate interest in music, fashion and art and cannot be boxed in to any particular demographic.  Vestal’s goal is to become more than a time-telling device but rather an extension of a rock-inspired lifestyle.

Vestal offers so many different styles.  Everything from Leather, Rubber, and Metal vestal watch. sells the coolest watches and gets to see what is hot and what is not.  They have so many different styles and colors. With the history of a rock accessory company the make sure to stay on top of fashion. For example the vestal destroyer, Vestal Metal Monte Carlo, Vestal Elite, Vestal Observer, Vestal Gearhead all come in a metal Gold look. This in the past few years has been a huge hit in the for all watch companies, but you would have to say after seeing all they have it in the bag.  With the smooth lines and the bright gold look. Not many can compete. The quality of Vestal Watches is amazing and gets many awards in the fashion world.  Every Style is designed perfectly.

*VESTAL30 discount code is valid from November 1st, 2011 through November 30th, 2011. Not applicable to orders prior to November 1st, 2011. Discount code not valid with any other offers. Valid for in-stock Vestal watches only. All other terms & conditions are applicable as stated here: Offer subject to change.

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