The Ultimate Horology

Posted on November 10, 2011


‘A watchmaker by training and by inclination, Arnaud Tellier never completely broke with the workbench, always remaining in touch with watch restorers, designers, and artisans working in related fields. Over the years, a small core group of people formed, sharing many good dinners and conversations in which the talk naturally turned to watchmaking. These were a constant source of stories, ideas, criticism, new projects and new concepts. During the course of one of these friendly debates, Arnaud made the decision to design a new watch – one that would be exceptional, rare, contemporary, and meaningful.

These requirements were a real challenge, and clearly did not allow for production in great quantities. These restrictions were stimulating for a man who has long been on familiar terms with some of the most inaccessible timepieces on the market. Giving form to these ideas, Arnaud Tellier has created 2lmx.’


And they produce special orders as well.

Awesome stuff!