Not all simple things are boring.

Posted on November 22, 2011


‘Hong Kongian designer Kitmen Keung began his collaboration with Belgian furniture brand Sixinch on the debut project ‘Dual Cut’ in 2011, in which his distinct modernist approach received global attention and the work started selling to a number of prestigious stores in Europe. In 2012, he launched his eponymous line in partnership with Obserf Limited. Dual-nationality Kitmen was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada with his parents at the age of 14. He spent a decade living in Vancouver where he completed high school and undergraduate art education. After that, he went on to obtain his MA in Design at Milan’s Domus Academy.

Behind the pared-down and usually not instantly identifiable look of his work there is always more to be experienced. ‘Interrelationship’ determines Kitmen’s direction and form of work, with the starting point of each project firmly grounded in an intention to discover the hidden connecting points between an object and the potential context in which its value is explored and defined. To him, design is precise, scientific, yet it captures the essence of science in an interactive way which brings out the sympathetic, emotional subconsciousness in people.’

-biography of Kitmen Keung

The Dual Cut.

“Splitting a raw rectangular foam block with only two L-shaped cut lines, Dual Cut is a transformable furniture piece that employs the simplest production processes true to the materials in use with minimal wastage. It features two ergonomically comfortable seat back angle options of 6° and 23°, and the multi-formation ability to form a one seater with a side table, a chaise lounge or a corner table. It also easily forms a neat, compact parcel for convenient storage and transportation. Dual Cut is available in Light Grey and Dark Grey with a 3-layer-system coating making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: stacked, w80 x h80 x d93cm; chaise lounge, w80 x h80 x d170cm; ottoman, w80 x h40 x d77cm; seat height 40cm. Produced and distributed by Sixinch.”

-Kitmen Keung Collection