Design with a message.

Posted on December 13, 2011


‘The work on represents my own personal adventures in the world of design. The things that interest, bother, upset, delight and define my outlook on the world are what drive my personal work. Each project has a message, some obvious, some more subtle but all exist as a means to provoke thought and discussion.’

-Dane Whitehurst

The name, ‘iPeace’ explains it all. iPeace gives you peace rather than the typical i-series products.

A very fun way to make your everything surroundings interesting.

For those who are conscious about their looks, this ‘Mirror Mirror’ can tell you how close or far away they are to the golden ratio of the perfect face which is engraved onto the mirror.

‘The optical device that lets you look back in time as well as forwards. By re-working the optics in a pair of binoculars and converting the left eye-piece into a slide viewer it is possible to insert images from the past and visualise direct comparisons with the present by shifting focus between eyes. This project is an interpretation of the work of Alastair Bonnet, Professor of Social Geography at the University of Newcastle. His research relates to Urban Memory and Active Nostalgia and he is particularly interested in encouraging people to actively explore and record nostalgic attachments to place. It is hoped that this may help to develop a greater sympathy towards sites of nostalgic importance within contemporary urban development. Horoculars form part of a Social Geographers field kit. Together with lots of maps and wayfinding equipment the Horoculars allow researchers to chart the memories and evolution of place as well as evoke nostalgic attachments to specific sites.’ -Dane Whitehurst’s Horocular